Built for Australian professionals and advisers in services industries

Built for Australian professionals and advisers in services industries 2017-02-18T06:03:30+00:00

CLIENTS BY REFERRAL®is designed in Australia for Australian professionals and advisers. Learn more about the industries, clients, editions and participants who can get the most from this experience.


CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® is ideally suited to service and advice industries including business banking, financial advice, many areas of legal advice, most consulting businesses, private banking, accounting, training business and other similar industries including clients like…


Virtual Edition. CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® Virtual Edition is run as a dedicated training experience for a single business or licence/franchise group. It requires a minimum of 10 participants and we take up to 20 participants per stream. Participants can be located anywhere in Australia. Smaller organisations can join together to make a minimum of 10 participants and share costs (this must be organised by the organisations themselves is often a nice way to build trust among participants and encourage cross-referrals between those organisations). Please note that Vue Consulting does not run ‘public’ editions of CLIENTS BY REFERRAL®. Each experience is run on-demand for an organisation.

Online Edition. CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® Online Edition is available for individuals to join at any time. Discounts are available for bulk enrollments made at a single time (5 or more enrollments booked together).


Ideally, participants are client-facing, since they are the professionals or advisers with the client relationship and in a position to discuss referrals. Office managers, business development professionals and marketing staff also benefit greatly from this targeted, practical training which is suitable for any level of experience.


Virtual Edition. This is the flagship edition of CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® and is delivered over four months. Participants complete a combination of 5 x 45 minute online learning modules in their own time as well as attending 5 x 90 minute live virtual training events, scheduled every 2-3 weeks during the training period. This process breaks down the learning into manageable pieces which dramatically boosts implementation. It also allows participants to join from anywhere in Australia, just by using a computer and phone.

Online Edition. After much demand, this edition allows any individual to obtain the complete CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® experience. Participants enroll and complete 6 x 45 minute online learning modules in their own time. Participants can join from anywhere in the world using just their computer and a browser (audio is required for the extensive video content).