Welcome to Vue Consulting, home of Australia’s #1 client referrals training experience: CLIENTS BY REFERRAL®. We help Australian professional services advisers develop a comfortable, effective and repeatable approach to helping their clients provide more, and better quality, referrals.

Our four-month CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® training experience has been utilised by over 2,000 Australian advisers since 2007 with a track-record of proven results and repeat clients. In 2016, CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® is delivered via our blended online and virtual training experience, making it readily accessible for busy professionals regardless of their location in Australia.

Please explore to learn more this unique and engaging training experience. When you are ready to give your business a boost in it’s client referrals generation, contact us at 1300 176 711 or info@vueconsulting.com.au.

I’ve seen a lot of referral courses over the years, but I’d say this is the most professional and thought provoking course I’ve seen. The online modules and interactive virtual workshops worked perfectly for our National business.

Andrew George, Mercer

Our business growth is driven by referrals, and whilst we have been receiving referrals from clients and accountants, there has been no system in place to ensure these continue and are of a high quality. The Clients by Referral training provides a common sense, practical approach to ensuring that clients are aware that we are looking for referrals, they should be thinking about referring family/friends, and the kinds of people they should be referring. The online platform is highly engaging and supportive in the learning process – far better than other sales training I have been through. If there is a business trying to work out how to structure a referral system, they should start here.

Peter Peacock, Morgans

I found it really refreshing to hear that straight out asking a client for a referral puts them on the spot and rarely works. So it was great for me to learn other ways in which you can promote you are looking for new clients in a more friendly and less confrontational way.

Belinda Von Knoll, Shadforth Financial Group

The Clients By Referral® training gave me the confidence and skills to ask for referrals and ask effectively to maximise success. During the course while I was practicing my skills I got some real success. Referrals is a subject I feel that I can confidently discuss with all of my clients with no awkwardness and my clients have been responding positively. Indeed, I have already started receiving more referrals even while on the course!

Natalie Virr, NAB Financial Planning

I got a lot of value from Clients By Referral® by building referral conversations into my interview process with clients. It was terrific to build a process into my business experience.

Carla Flint, Crowe Horwath