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Home of Australia’s #1 client referrals training experience:


Welcome to Vue Consulting, home of Australia’s #1 client referrals training experience: CLIENTS BY REFERRAL®. We help Australian professional services professionals develop a comfortable, effective and repeatable approach to helping their clients provide more, and better quality, referrals.

Our CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® training experience has been utilised by over 3,000 Australian advisers since 2007 with a track-record of proven results and repeat clients. You can experience CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® via two proven editions – Virtual or Online – to make it readily accessible for busy professionals regardless of their location.

Virtual Edition: Our flagship experience utilising both online learning and live virtual experiences to deliver an amazing learning experience over a four month period for groups of 10-20 participants.

Online Edition: Our dedicated online learning experience, allowing a single participant to obtain the entire CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® content on their own, in their own time, at a low cost and from any location.

Please explore to learn more about this unique and engaging training experience. When you are ready to give your business a boost with it’s client referral generation, contact us at 1300 176 711 or info@vueconsulting.com.au.


Four months of innovative, engaging and effective training for groups of 10-20 participants located anywhere in Australia.

per participant, plus GST

Vue Consulting’s Virtual Edition of CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® blends online and virtual learning technology to allows us effectively train participants located anywhere in Australia and incrementally delivery training over four months…



A self-paced learning experience with four hours of deep content for individuals located anywhere in the world.

per participant, plus GST

Vue Consulting’s Online Edition of CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® allows anyone to tap into the #1 client referral training experience at a low cost, in their own time yet still benefit from a personalised approach and peer-to-peer learning…


Built for Australian professionals
and advisers in services industries

CLIENTS BY REFERRAL®is designed in Australia for Australian professionals and advisers. Learn more about the industries, clients, editions and participants who can get the most from this experience.

CLIENTS BY REFERRAL® is ideally suited to service and advice industries including business banking, financial advice, many areas of legal advice, most consulting businesses, private banking, accounting and training business.

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Clients By Referral® drew our focus onto the chief source of new clients to our business. Implementing and following the process has introduced new clients to our business. It is simply a case of discussing referrals in professional and repeatable manner, and this course builds the stuctuture to do this.
Ron Clarke, Western Pacific

I found it really refreshing to hear that straight out asking a client for a referral puts them on the spot and rarely works. So it was great for me to learn other ways in which you can promote you are looking for new clients in a more friendly and less confrontational way.

Belinda Von Knoll, Shadforth Financial Group

Clients By Referral® contains a bewildering level of knowledge when it comes to absolutely anything referrals related. However it’s the way in which this knowledge is passed on that makes this experience an extremely effective one.

Nigel Gralton, WB Financial

The best training program I have participated in. I loved the combination of preparation, training and review exercise and the entire virtual training process was like a cross between training and a custom consulting engagement.

David Barton, OneIT
This is a fantastic course that has enabled me to integrate a consistent, relaxed and friendly conversation about referrals into my client appointments. It has been really well received by the clients and has already provided me with a number of referrals in just a few weeks since implementing some of the concepts the course recommends.
Nick Gahan, Wealthwise

The Clients By Referral® training gave me the confidence and skills to ask for referrals and ask effectively to maximise success. During the course while I was practising my skills I got some real success. Referrals is a subject I feel that I can confidently discuss with all of my clients with no awkwardness and my clients have been responding positively. Indeed, I have already started receiving more referrals even while on the course!

Natalie Virr, NAB Financial Planning

I got a lot of value from Clients By Referral® by building referral conversations into my interview process with clients. It was terrific to build a process into my business experience.

Carla Flint, Crowe Horwath

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